WriteDate(July, 18, 2006);

Cartoon.image := := #5;

I have never understood some people's fascination with furries. For those that may not know, (although if you're reading this, chances are that you do), a furry is an antropomorphic "humanized" non-human dweller of the animal kingdom such as the one in the picture, and they range from something as common as a cat to more bizarre creatures like rhynoceros. A common furry is portrayed with clear anime traces - otherwise, you might confuse them with an actual D&D monster! Anyway, the thing is: furries are monstrous, filthy bastardizations of otherwise adorable and / or magnificent creatures whose foul smell feels appropriate in their primal form, but becomes quite jarring when applied to their "furry" version. How can I possibly smell them through the pictures, you ask? Such is the power of imagination. And the multi-dimension portal device on my wall that allows me to travel into alternate universes where these creatures are a reality instead of just a twisted sexual fetish harbored by the most disgusting of human lowlives. lol!);

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Lord Mirrabbo
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