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When does an innocent, harmless joke turn into a cruel, horrible prank that scars you forever? It obviously depends on whose interpretation we are talking about. A thumbtack on your chair can be a funny anecdote or the terrible childhood trauma that led you to inspect thoroughly every single seat that you want to rest no matter the circumstances. Shaving cream on your hand and a feather tickling your nose while you sleep could be a prank without any repercussions or the defining point in your life that caused you to always having to sleep alone and with three different locks in your room door. The point in all this? Mothers of the world, please don't pretend all your life in front of your kid that you are a simple empty-minded sheep while all along you are an articulate being with a sharp intelligence and a twisted sense of humor. You might cause your son to have trust issues if he ever finds out.);

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Lord Mirrabbo
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