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The Sad Snail has a dream. It dreams of eating cole. It has worked long and hard to get so near it; it has spent all day just to get so close. The Sad Snail is so close, but yet so far away. The perception of this truth discourages it, and makes it wonder if the cole is really worth it, if all those lush pale green leaves are truly worth this much struggle. The Sad Snail knows that only some more effort will grant the final prize. All it needs is a little encouragement... a few kind words to keep it going until the end. But the Sad Snail is brought down by those that don't believe in it, and thus loses all hope to accomplish his goal, even when he was so close. So close... and yet so far. The Sad Snail will never make it there now. This is the tale of the Sad Snail's dreams.);

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Lord Mirrabbo
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