WriteDate(August, 3, 2006);

Cartoon.image := := #15;

Like most fairly seasoned gamers, I lived through the so called "3d revolution", in which suddenly everything needed to have 3d graphics if it wanted to be new and cool. The shameful products of this period are many and difficult to count. Don't get me wrong; I'm aware that probably it was this hype that led to today's graphic quality, and I love 3D graphics as much as the boy next door... as long as they are justified. But few things in the gaming world annoyed me more at the time than games that went the NEW 3D GRAPHICS ENGINE W00T way just for the sake of it. To cite one example, Street Fighter was murdered by this. Come to think on it, I guess it still goes on, with the more recent "BETTER GRAPHICS YOU GOTTA BUY IT W00T" trend - I don't care how much sugar you sprinkle on your poop, dude. I'm still not going to eat it.);

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