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A snail is a mollusk. This adds to the offensiveness of the entire picture; on top of ordering the poor snail around, they can't even get its kind straight. The snail does all it can, but he can only go so fast. The snail consoles itself with the prospect of what good is to come, only to realize that it will all start over again in a nauseous cycle. The snail is sad, for he asks itself how good can the payday be, when he spends his life trying to get to work? Only getting there takes the snail, like, 4 hours, and it's just crawling some few meters! The snail leaves a trail of slime in its path; the painful evidence that all he leaves for posterity is a trail of icky goo that will fade without even anyone noticing makes the snail even sadder. But does the snail do anything to change all of this? No... he just sadly looks forward to payday. This is the story of the snail. Some would infer that this is an allegory on the bulk of society, but it's just a damn story about a snail! Don't try to be smart on me, dammit!);

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Lord Mirrabbo
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