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 Post subject: Best PC class for romancing Immy. (minor spoiler)
PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 4:39 pm 

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I’ve now finished the Immy romance mod and I have to say it is THE best romance mod I have played. My thanks to everyone who has given their talent and support for all these years bring this mod to completion.
I’ve been playing BG2 since Sept 24 2000, the day it first came out. Four computers later and 2 laptops later it still finds a palace on my hard drive. I have played NWN, NWN2, DAO, DAO(A), DA2 and DAI and yet the story of the BG series keeps me coming back despite its age. (Although I’ll admit DAO comes in a close second.) Seeing the number of mods sites and people still playing BG, BGTSC, BG2SOA and BG2TOB, plus the EE reboots a lot of people agree with me.

Ever think some PC classes would go better with some romanceable characters than others. Like Aerie hooking up with a Paladin instead of a Thief or Jaheira with a Ranger instead of a Paladin. Now I know the game lets any class romance with Jaheira, Aerie, Viconia and Anomen but a thief romancing a Cleric like Anomen and no comment from him on his loves chosen profession never struck me as being “realistic”. I played this mod the same way thinking what type of PC class Immy would be most attracted to and how Gorion would have raised our favorite Bhaalspawn back at Candlekeep.

Fighter: Maybe, but I think Immy would be more impressed by someone who is more than just hack and slash and needs bigger and better swords to fight more powerful bad guys.

Paladin: Don’t see it. First how does a PC with the taint of an evil god even become a LG paladin? Church officials drunk the day our PC or no one ever question/knew he was a Bhaalspawn when the PC was ordained a Paladin??? Someone in Candlekeep had to know Gorion’s ward was a Bhaalspawn. The rules of Candlekeep only allow outsiders to remain in the keep for only a tenday. (Read that in a D&D manual) Also I think a Paladin would be scolding Imoen (little sister or not) for every time she pickpocket someone or stole something. I could see a Paladin with Aerie but not our Immy.

Cleric/Monk: Would be spending too much time praying and sermonizing. “Look at all your faults and weaknesses and pray for strength and redemption in the sight of <CHARGOD>. She’d pitch the PC in a week. Monk class would grow up to be too serious minded a PC, look at Balthazar’s business like attitude. (And yes I have seen The Last Airbender series but our PC is a Bhaalspawn not the Avatar and a 20 something year old man not a preteen.)

Druid: Maybe, but Immy is a thief. “What wealth does a bear drop in the forest.” Despite her wander lust I think Immy would like to relax in a nice hot bath between adventures.

Wizard/Sorcerer: My second choice. Both raised in Candlekeep, magical library fortress full of dusty old tomes raised by Gorion, a wizard himself. Problem for me, PC would be too studious. All that time head down in the books learning the art. Then PC becomes too serious as an adventurer. (Stop being such a stick in the mud.) My vote for best PC class for Immy friendship arch.

Thief/Bard: Close third: Kindred spirits most natural thing. Friendship turns to caring turns to Love. Only Immy is a thief already, this more due to party balance than anything.

Ranger: My choice. Can take care of himself in town or wilderness not preoccupied with training or prayers unlike a Paladin or Cleric. Could help her after a fight unlike a fighter who could only pass her a potion. Ranger PC could defend her if she need and wouldn’t get all preachy if she lifted a purse or swiped a gem. And we’ve already seen Immy and the PC out of Candlekeep in the forest/woods around Candlekeep, don’t think any other class would venture out of sight of the keep’s walls except a ranger while still in training.

Now I know many of these character traits are not reflected in the game. I was just thinking what a “real” Imoen might be like and would be attracted to and what a PC of each class could be “really” like. So I think Immy’s best PC love interest would be a Ranger.

PS: If vanatos or Israel happen to read this look back on my comments on Druids. I’ve seen a couple of other romance mods with bathing flirts in them. Or maybe a special scene where Immy “accidently” catches the PC bathing in a stream or at an inn…or vice versa. :oops: Just an idea for a future inclusion in the mod.

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