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Return to BG2 a decade later.
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Author:  DigiFluent [ Sat Jun 11, 2016 8:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Return to BG2 a decade later.

Hey folks, I'm a long time fan of D&D and BG2, but haven't played in -forever- and would like to load the ol' game back up and see how it stands up after so much time.

I still have all the old CD's for BG1 / BG2 and lost many hours playing it (100+). So many, in fact, that I never even took the time to beat ToB because there was so much to do in BG1/SoA. I know from way back when that there was a whole lot of modding / patching / bugfixes / etc that were put out by folks, such as the Trilogy patch to tie all three together (buggy as hell back then wen I tried), and I'm hoping such things have gotten much better. I had the all guild houses and all romances concurrent (being polyamorous) mods, and had a few extras which sometimes broke things in the game (and made me very sad after putting so much time into the game just to get to the extra content).

So to all you folks who have stuck with this for so long, I've got to ask: If I'm going to take the time to get everything reloaded these days, what are the best sources / patches / mods to install?

- If they fixed the BG trilogy stuff, I'd love to start over from the beginning.

- How does the Imoen Romance work out with other romances / romance mods?

- What are the best / most reliable mods out there that don't break the immersiveness of the story / world? (I remember glancing at some that tried to drag other unrelated games/characters into BG2 and went "eh, those don't fit at all.")

- What should I watch out for in reinstalling the game, or conflicting mods?

- Are there updates for modern systems, like higher res, better quality, speed fix for Win7? (I had tried installing the vanilla BG2 some years back and it was running super slow in Win7 for some reason)

- Where can I find this stuff these days? My old links don't work anymore, and when I tried searching there were a million different things out there.

I chose to come to your forums because I had always wanted Imoen to be romance-able, and a quick search brought me here. Since there has been so much work put into a seeming labor of love here, I'd like to make sure that the things I install will be compatible with it.

Edit: A couple days later and no replies? I'll take partial responses! You don't have to answer every one of my questions! I'm just looking for some basic guidance rather than diving in myself and having things not work if I'm going to play again. I suppose if I'm not going to get any responses, I could go to other forums, but I really wanted to hear what you folks say since I would be using the Imoen Romance mod.

Author:  Sarevok08 [ Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Return to BG2 a decade later.

There is an enhances edition available, but it would mean buying the game again.

To be honest, why not do another run with just this nod. See what you'd want Modded, and have a look then.

There is a which is probably the most active are currentlycurrently, and is run by the enhanced edition guys.

Author:  Reaver [ Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Return to BG2 a decade later.

As Sarevok said there's the enhanced edition now. It somewhat recommended as it's easier to get running on modern machines if only because of the increase to it's resolution size.
The EE version also comes with a boat load of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Some people don't much like the recent changes to the UI but I don't mind it to much now that I've gotten use to it. There's new content added as well which is a bit hit and miss in terms of quality. The expansion pack that bridges the gap between BG1 and 2 is also rather average but still decent enough in its own way.

If you run the EE version you don't really need to add any addition mods. However, fore me the must have mods (aside from Imoen Romance of course) is the tweakpack, NPC project for BG1 and unfinished business for BG2. The tweakpack you can probably skip I just like some of the modifications it makes to the game. If you do use it make sure you read each option carefully, some of the changes might not be desirable. NPC project gives alot more character banter between NPCs in BG1 which is very nice considering how little there is originally. Unfinished business adds some cut content to the game, a few nice quests and extra dialogue.

If you decide to not run EE then you'll definitely want to pick up TuTu, it merges BG1 into BG2 letting you use the updated Infinity Engine for BG1 which is very nice. You'll also want to use the FixPack which fixes a lot of bugs in the game. The widescreen mod is also a must have so you're not stuck with the tiny resolution.

Once you've played through once (or twice, or thrice) you might want to look at adding something like sword coast stratagems. Which ups the difficulty of the game by making the enemies smarter and use better abilities. I don't much like it myself but lots of other people seem to so maybe you will as well.

Most of these can be found on the Gibberlings 3 site, or the Spellhold Studio site. Just google them and you should find them. The Enhanced Editions also have their own forums for mods that you might want to check out.

Author:  DigiFluent [ Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Return to BG2 a decade later.

If I were willing to dump money into the old game, I might go with the EE version, but I already have all the old perfectly good CD's. Reaver, I'm surprised that you go with TuTu for the trilogy, when it seems like tons of the mods out there are made for WeiDu. I found BGT, which led me to the Big World Project stuff, which led me to the Big World Project documentation which lays out literally hundreds of mods. D-:

I've taken the last week or so to parse through a large amount of them. I decided that since BWP talks about mega mods conflicting with certain parts and using-this-instead-of-that, I will be going for an -#~*EPIC*~#- installation of tons of (hopefully not conflicting) mods.

When I played originally, there was still a bunch of scripting conflicts, doubling up of effects, errors, patching, etc. that made it hard to play with more than a handful of mods at a time. I had played through the original BG1 half a dozen times, started modding SoA and played through a few times, and when I got ToB I wanted to do the full trilogy start-to-finish, but couldn't really due to BGT problems. Now that so much time has passed and bugs have been worked out, I'm feeling ambitious and want to try stuff I didn't want to touch before, like Shadows over Soubar, check the bodies, unfinished business, Tortured Souls, Never Ending Journey, etc. It sounds like even now The Darkest Day stuff still conflicts with a bunch of others, so that's one of the few big ones I'm not getting into.

I agree that stuff like Sword Coast Strategems will make it way more fun and tricky. Banter packs will add to the atmosphere, and friendships / romances will be fun to try since I never did get through them in ToB. I'm putting in some mods for harder late-game stuff, like Super Firkraag and Vecna Mod.

Of course, before I play any of this, I have to find the 100 or so mods I wanted to try, download them, and follow the instructions for installing the right parts in the right order. I'm going to be making backups of my installation at regular intervals as I go along in case I mess something up.

Wish me luck! :-D

Author:  DigiFluent [ Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Return to BG2 a decade later.

I had set a bunch of stuff to download last night, and it looks like I only got three quarters of it, and now SHS Forums looks like it's down.

Is it just me? Did something happen to the SHS Forums?

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