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 Post subject: Rules, Guidelines, & Forum Permissions
PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:39 pm 
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Read these or I will eat your soul.

1. Forum Permissions

In order to cut down on spam, there have been some stricter controls put in place regarding registration and permissions.

Guests can read the forums, but they cannot post. Anywhere. Ever.

Registered Users must be approved by me, the Forum God, before they'll be able to post. You'll notice on the registration screen that there's a little area called "Why I love Imoen". Fill it out, it makes things go faster. I want to see that you are a living, breathing human being and not some automated script trying to sell us crap medication. Because I check this first, approving your account may take a few days!

Roleplayers are registered users who are active in a roleplaying campaign in The Roleplay Room. Everyone can read the story, but only Roleplayers can participate. If you want to be a Roleplayer, you need to get permission from your Storyteller (see below), and ask your Storyteller to add you to the Roleplayer group.

Storytellers are the Dungeon Masters / Game Masters who run the adventures in the The Roleplay Room. If you want to become a Storyteller, you need to contact me (TCDale) via private message, explain what you want to do, and convince me that you're going to do it (and do it well).

2. Forum Areas

Really, most of the areas should be self-explanatory.

Notable are the News and Announcements (which you're looking at right now). You cannot start new topics in this forum. Only moderators and I, the Forum God, can do that. Your announcement that you have a new puppy needs to go in Random Chit-Chat instead.

The second notable area is The Pit. It's a dangerous place, so watch your step. Sensitive and/or controversial subjects, should be posted in the Pit. This includes stuff like religious debate, political debate, etc. Topics which start out innocent but become sensitive/controversial, will also be moved there. Think of it a bit like Spellhold: that's where we keep all the dangerous people and the crazies ;)

3. Rules

I'm pretty lax with rules, but there have to be a few. Most of this stuff is common sense, so use it and don't ruin things for the rest of us. These are prone to change, depending on how many people push my buttons:

a. Be polite.
You don't have to say "Yes, ma'am" and "No, sir," but try to show a basic level of respect for your fellow Imoen fanatic. This means no name-calling, no insults, no trolling, no flame-wars. Disagree with the person's argument rather than the person. And if you don't know what that means, go check out Wikipedia's article on Ad hominem arguments. "You're stupid" or "that's lame" are not valid responses in 99% of situations.

b. Keep cursing to a minimum.
Cursing is part of normal language, so I expect everyone will want to vent their frustrations from time to time. But try not to overdo it. Sprinkle it -- don't gush it. If a moderator feels you're using objectionable language, you'll be asked to tone it down. If you don't... well... no one likes angry moderators.

c. Keep the sex-talk to a minimum. Skip the porn entirely.
Same as above. I realize that the Imoen Romance mod is a mod that deals with some very adult situations and themes. However, the internet is a public place and there are laws about what can and cannot be posted in such places.

d. No hate-speech.
If you are anti-Jewish, anti-gay, anti-Republican, anti-non-vegetarians... you're well within your right. You can even discuss it, politely and calmly, in The Pit. But the moment you post a rant about how Member X is a filthy Jew, or all gays should be shot, I will ban your butt.

e. Read the instructions.
Different forums may have slightly different rules. For instance, sex-talk isn't allowed in general chat, but you could get away posting an erotica in The Creative Spot or discussing rape in the Pit. If there is a "Rules" or "Read Me" post in a forum, read it and follow it.

f. Listen to the moderators.
We like moderators. Moderators help things run smoothly and stay fun. Listen to the moderators. If you think that you have been treated unfairly by a moderator, or that a moderator is abusing their position, feel free to contact me (TCDale) directly to discuss it. Unfortunately, if you think that *I* am treating you unfairly, you're out of luck.

Last but not least -- Have Fun!

Enjoy the mod, enjoy each other, and have a generally good ol' time.

T.C. Dale
Original Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, and Fantasy Erotica

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